Fitness has always been an important part of my life. So it seemed natural that one of my first jobs was general manager at a health club in Boston. Funny how things turn out—it was there that the idea for a truly personalized fitness experience struck me. I met many people who seemed a bit “lost” in the environment at a large club—they didn’t know how to get started. Or how to keep it going.

I imagined what it would be like for these folks if they had one-on-one access to friendly and motivating personal trainers. Would they feel more comfortable in a smaller setting? What if the setting was professional, relaxed, upscale—and solely dedicated to personal training? And what if there were personal trainers there who were 100% focused on the customer’s personal needs and could work with them to create a program that would actually work for their lifestyle?

As time went by, I was convinced that this was what people needed. I started kicking the idea around with my longtime friend, Alan Smith, at a backyard barbecue. Before we knew it, One2One BodyScapes was born. I’m excited that the business has taken off and is doing so well. I love going to work every day. It’s satisfying to have such a tangible impact on people’s lives.

My current fitness motivation: I need to be able to ski as fast as my three kids.  My biggest fitness achievement: Completing my first half marathon in 1:40 minutes.  My best piece of fitness advice: Approach fitness like you would your career: don’t take too many vacations or you’ll never get ahead! But at the same time, don’t over train—it’s important to always listen to your body.