Our beginnings as a Personal Training Studio in 2000 taught us the power of personal in helping people achieve their fitness goals. And if you want to reach those goals faster, one of our certified Personal Trainers can help you get there. Each trainer is trained to work with you to develop a personal fitness plan that is laser focused on your specific goals while building in flexibility, strengthening and endurance. They can also help with injury re-hab, sport-specific conditioning, balance, weight loss and more. Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your fitness effort, a BodyScapes Personal Trainer will make the process more effective and really enjoyable.

A PT Program Just Right For You

Personal Training sessions can be purchased individually or as packages of six, twelve, or twenty-two and there are no membership fees. Sessions are available in one hour and 30 minute increments, always by appointment only. You can schedule regular appointments months in advance or sign up week-to-week. One of the big differences between BodyScapes approach to Personal Training and other clubs is that all of our trainers are salaried. That simple fact means that they are not vying for your business and that you are free to work with different trainers until you find exactly the right fit. The truth is that while our Personal Training standards are standards, style matters too. So we’ll help you find the trainer that is just right for you.