Welcome again. I’m Rob Shapiro, in the middle. With me are David Fine (left) and Alan Smith (right). We’re excited to have you considering our clubs. From the get go, when we launched our first One2One Bodyscapes Fitness Studio, we have focused on our members, and specifically creating fitness experiences that really worked for them (and hopefully you!). 

That first studio was one of the first exercise facilities in America dedicated exclusively to personal training. That experience taught us what personal could mean and how effective it is at helping members reach their fitness goals. Our early success enabled us to open several more studios across New England. In 2004, with more and more happy and healthier members, we decided to open our first full-service club in Brookline. We attracted over 1,000 members in our first year, but more importantly perfected what a personal fitness experience could and should be. We subsequently opened full-service clubs in Longwood Medical District and Kendall Square. As we’ve grown the number of clubs, the number of studios has also expanded and we added our first Crossfit facility in Brookline. And there’s more growth to come. We’d love to have you join us for the ride!


Fitness has always been an important part of my life. So it seemed natural that one of my first jobs was general manager at a health club in Boston. Funny how things turn out—it was there that the idea for a truly personalized fitness experience struck me.

My career has always involved working closely with people. I started out in retail and that experience taught me that I had a passion for talking with customers on a one-to-one basis and helping them solve their needs. But my entrepreneurial spirit was pushing me to try something new.

I became familiar with BodyScapes as a longtime client of the Newton personal training studio. There I gained first-hand understanding of the powerful benefits of personal training and the unique attributes of the BodyScapes approach to fitness.