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Personal Trainers

Steve Anderson
Personal Trainer

Steve is an American Academy of Personal Training certified trainer hailing from Lowell, MA.  Steve enjoys the nature and spending his time outdoors with his close friends. Steve studied autobody in school but his love for helping people to better their futures lead him to becoming a personal trainer. One of his greatest accomplishments thus far has been completing school for personal training where now he feels he has the best job in the world! Steve used to rock climb competitively but now has chosen to continue climbing as a hobby.  He also enjoys ice climbing, hiking and snowboarding.  If given the opportunity he would love travel to visit Spain and go rock climbing. On his off days, he likes to kick back, climb and enjoy some quality pizza. If he could meet one celebrity, he would travel back to when Frank Sinatra was in his prime.

Fitness Philosophy: Work Hard and Set Goals!


Michael Cheng
Personal Trainer

Michael is originally from Ann Arbor, MI but grew up overseas, living in Japan and China before returning to the US for college. He is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley where he studied biochemistry, bioengineering, and industrial engineering. During his time in Berkeley, he was part of the on-campus strength sports club and was trained in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. He has competed at local and state-wide powerlifting meets and is currently training to compete in Olympic weightlifting. He relocated to Cambridge to work as an automation scientist in the cultured meat industry researching cell culture media. Michael became passionate about health after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in high school and decided to learn about human physiology to better understand his own body. He now hopes to share his knowledge to support individuals with their fitness endeavors.


Daniel Oslowski
Personal Trainer


I always believe in connecting with clients to get to know them and to fully
understand their health and fitness goals! I love to teach the significance of physical
activity/exercise in relation to everyday life. I implement both basic fundamentally sound
workout circuits as well modern, innovative techniques to elicit holistic gains in mind, body and
spirit. The ultimate goal is to make everyday life easier, safer, smoother and more efficient!
During every session, I create a fun, exciting and overall positive experience that leaves
everyone I train with wanting to come back for more.

Exercise/Healthy Eating Habits, Hiking, Basketball, Football, Traveling, Movies/Cinema,
Music/Concerts, Food

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
Master of Science in Microbiology
AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
10+ Years Experience in the Field



Michael Pennini
Personal Trainer

Philosophy:  I give my clients what they need as a population and as individuals, working together to create a healthy and effective training routine backed by my experience and science.

Interests:  Marathons, road races, martial arts, recreational boxing and sparing

Credentials; Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Exercise Science

Certified Strength and Condition Specialist

Assistant Strength Coach at Northeastern University

3x Muay Thai Title Holder & Certified Muay Thai Trainer

Brazilian Jujitsu Purple Belt

Uechi-Ryu Karate Black Belt

Jujitsu competitor


Personal Trainer

Hey Bodyscapes people 

I would like to introduce myself
By saying i am one of your Great personal trainer and coach here to help you achieve your goals!!
I am a military veteran who spent 6 years dedicating helping and mentoring young adults into being better Marines physically and mentally. That is where everything started, the passion of living a healthy strong lifestyle and sharing everything I have learned over the years in fitness! Lets work!!
CPT ISSA Trainer

Marine Veteran