Personal Trainers



Brett Campbell
Personal Trainer

Brett graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. A NASM certified personal trainer, Brett has experience with bringing people of all levels through exercise routines designed to improve strength and health over time with the ultimate goal of creating capable clients who are confident inside and outside of the gym. He’s a Strongfirst kettlebell instructor and specializes in teaching and troubleshooting kettlebell grind and quick lift technique. If you are looking for a balanced routine and steady, sustainable progress then Brett is the trainer for you!


James Fernandez
Personal Trainer

I believe the highest level of fitness is achieved through exposing our weaknesses and then working on them day in and day out. There is no miracle drug, super food or secret training. Getting better starts and ends with hard work and discipline.

Bodybuilding, Body Recomposition, SAQ training, and Olympic lifts.

Training Goals For You:
To help you maximize your health and fitness potential through safe and effective exercises. No matter the individual, there is always room to improve and together any goal can be made a reality. Getting better isn’t a quick fix, but a campaign we embark on together.

I love good competition! I am always looking to train and then test my abilities against others. You can also find me outdoors just being active and breathing in fresh air.

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach
Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Austin Krzyzak
Personal Trainer


Between all the hardships going on in everyone’s individual life, the pursuit of fitness or other lifestyle goals can become a rewarding endeavor in which wins can be seen almost daily with proper planning and execution. Learning to measure and see those small daily wins accumulate can become something to look forward to day to day and can become extremely rewarding no matter the starting point.


Hypertrophy training, Bodybuilding, Teaching data collection for result optimization and tracking.

Training Goals for You:

To allow you to learn how to figure out what information your own bodies individualized response to different training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are telling you, and using that information to allow for faster and more optimal results for your desired goals! Together we will ensure you get to your goal efficiently, and sustainably through hard work, dedication, and collaboratively work together to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from doing so.


There’s nothing better than using all the things I have learned over the years to help others achieve their desired goals without falling for the same mistakes I have from my own journey through fitness. I love to continue to learn about all the different biochemical interactions and cascading pathway effects from training and nutrition, while further testing their application to better understand why the body reacts to certain things the way it does.


National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

American Heart Association Basic Life Support CRP/AED certified.


Emily Kierstead
Personal Trainer

Going to the gym doesn’t only have to be about getting bulky and lifting heavy. Working out as a mental escape from a long day, to feel less pain in day to day activities or to gain confidence in yourself are just as important metrics to measure your happiness in the gym.
Mobility, Flexibility, Strength Training
Training Goals for You
To create a goal oriented routine that pushes you past your comforts, builds your confidence, and makes you fall in love with working out
I grew up as a competitive ballet dancer and love to still take classes. Outside of the gym, I enjoy hiking, paddleboarding, reading and attempting to cook new recipes.