Personal Trainers


dennis2Dennis Flynn
Personal Training Director, Personal Trainer
Dennis has been in the fitness industry for the better part of 20 years. He has a BS in Political Science from Plymouth State where he played football and ran Track. He attained a degree from Umass-Boston in Exercise Health and Science. He is ACSM certified, and also certified from: FMS (Functional Movement Screen), TRX, Titleist Golf, USA Track and Field, Training For Warriors, and Precision Nutrition. His passion for fitness and his experience has enabled him to offer clients a first rate service and help them exceed their goals and expectations. His sessions are fun with an emphasis on functional exercises. This focus will improve mobility, strength, core function, and metabolism in order to transform your body. He utilizes exercise tools such as TRX, kettlebells, boxing training, bands, free weights, and plyometrics. As a trainer he brings his best to each and every session and expects the same from his clients. The biggest reward for Dennis over the years is changing people’s lives through fitness.

steveSteve Anderson
Personal Trainer

Steve is an American Academy of Personal Training certified tainer hailing from Lowell, MA.  Steve enjoys the nature and spending his time outdoors with his close friends. Steve studied autobody in school but his love for helping people to better their futures lead him to becoming a personal trainer. One of his greatest accomplishments thus far has been completing school for personal training where now he feels he has the best job in the world! Steve used to  rock climb competitvely but now has chosen to continue climbing as a hobby.  He also enjoys ice climbing, hiking and snowboarding.  If given the opportunity he would love travel to visit Spain and go rock climbing. On his off days, he likes to kick back, climb and enjoy some quality pizza. If he could meet one celebrity, he would travel back to when Frank Sinatra was in his prime.

Fitness Philosophy: Work Hard and Set Goals


emilymillerEmily Miller
Personal Trainer

Emily graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Tufts University before beginning her journey into Fitness. Emily is now a NASM certified personal trainer with TRX’s Functional and Suspension training certificates. Emily spent nearly 15 years working in corporate sales before following her dreams of transitioning into a career in fitness. Some of her accomplishments include running Boston’s “Race to Remember,” a half marathon through our great city; running The Tufts 10K for several different times; hiking Mt. Blanc from Switzerland to Italy; and being an awesome mom to her 4 year old daughter. Emily’s hobbies include working out and challenging her body in new ways. She enjoys running, spinning, hot yoga, and kettlebell training.

Fitness Philosophy: “Make it fun! I want to share the love and joy of exercise with others so they gain confidence, improved health and stronger bodies.”



Schuyler Archambault
Personal Trainer

Schuyler is a graduate of Endicott College, where she received her B.S. in Exercise Science. She is currently in graduate school at Simmons College pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is a certified CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach and an ACSM certified Personal Trainer.

Between undergrad and grad school, she spent a year working in New York as a Personal Trainer. There, she had the opportunity to work with a wide range of ages and fitness levels, from children to seniors, and even athletes. She really enjoys making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. As far as hobbies go, you can find her at the beach, hiking, or traveling.

Fitness Philosophy: “The best way to burn fat is with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).”




Peter Figueiredo
Personal Trainer

Peter holds a Bachelors’ Degree In Physiology, with a Minor in Nutrition. He is an NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Peter believes that resistance training > anything.  While there is absolutely a time and place for cardio, resistance training can be modified to get any result you’re looking for.  It can increase muscle mass, strength, power, local muscular endurance, bone mineral density, gas exchange rate in the lungs and tissue, and cardiac output. These are just some of the benefits.  Decrease in resting heart rate, breathing rate, fasting blood glucose levels, and resting blood pressure are more of those benefits.  Increasing muscle mass requires your body to use more calories, hours to days after a session, and the new muscle mass produced requires more calories to maintain every single day.  Your metabolism increases, and if you stay in a negative caloric balance, you will be burning fat just to build muscle even while you’re sleeping! Anything else you’d like to know, please ask!