Today we’re going inside a few of our trainers & instructors kitchens to see what keeps them fueled through teaching, recover from workouts, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle!

Maybe try to add one or two of these to your repertoire this week! 

Kristen: “Sweet potato (microwaved for 4 minutes and eaten directly out of the skin for breakfast!) and Fage greek yogurt”

wseet potato

Anna: “To fight sugar cravings, eat foods that are high in magnesium and zinc: dark lefy greens, nuts, avocado…and sleep enough! Foods I can’t live without are beans, chick peas, salmon, cilantro, and hummus! There will always be hummus in my fridge.”

Avocado on white

Dawn: “Eggs are ALWAYS in my kitchen. And Kerry Gold Butter!”


Heather: Healthy food: hummus and veggie sticks! When I need a snack, that is my go to! It’s much healthier than chips and it’s way more satisfying! Almond milk is always in my fridge! I use it for my breakfast smoothies each morning, as well as in my coffee. It’s low in calories, a good source of calcium and I just like the taste better than regular milk!


Jennifer: “I cannot go long without my go-to breakfast: plain Fage greek yogurt with fresh berries and a little oats and honey. Lots of metabolism boosting protein and fiber to keep me full!”


Anthony: “I can’t live without fish, beef, chicken, and veggies! Best way to fight sugar cravings is to build our diet around eating every 3 hours. Don’t eat cookies!”


Marisa: “I always have a afternoon snack, even if I don’t think i’m hungry. Whenever I miss it I end up starving before dinner and snack on too much unplanned food. I can’t live without eggs, veggies, peanut butter and smoothies! I always have almond milk in my fridge. I use it for baking, overnight oats, smoothies, cereal, granola, pretty much everything.


Tory: “Eggs! For breakfast or lunch–add veggies and its the perfect easy and quick meal!”




What are your favorite healthy snacks and fit tips? 

Do it for YOU!

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