Outdoor Sports Training SGT program DATE CHANGE
Looking to get more Athletic? Tired of jogging what seems like, forever on the treadmill? Join the Sports Training SGT.
Call or stop by the Front Desk to purchase and reserve your spot in this special, high-intensity, high-energy, good-for-everyone class!
Do It For You  –  Call Today 617-232-1010   or     Email Jarrod
Class Information:
55 minute sessions
2 times per week for 6 consecutive weeks
Cost: $360 for the 6 week program
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 6:00:6:55am
Use it or lose it! 

This program is open to all members, regardless of fitness level and experience – let our trainers help you meet your personal fitness goals!

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Outdoor Sports Training SGT Facts:

Join the Outdoor Sports Training SGT. Remember how in shape you felt after you finished your sports season in high school or college? That’s what you’ll experience with the Outdoor Sports Training SGT. We’ll take you out of the gym and get the fresh air pumping through the lungs. No athletic experience is necessary, only the desire to feel more fit and athletic.

Both Jarrod and Aymbre have experience training

Division-1 athletes in the Northeast area. Through these experiences they know what it takes to get increase athleticism. We welcome and encourage everyone to join!

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