Labor Day is over, kids are going back to school, sports will start up soon and people are eager (or not so eager) to get back into their routines!

Its not uncommon after the last few weeks of Summer for people to feel a bit lethargic and out of sorts leading into the Fall season.

So today we are talking about how to get back on track and stay motivated after a few weeks of indulging, maybe a weekend away or particularly festive weekend, or simply the start of a new season!

How do you stay motivated or get back on track after falling out of a routine or overindulging?

Keeping a training log of my numbers keeps me motivated! Seeing the numbers go up and knowing where I started gives me more drive to keep going. Working out around women who are just as serious as I am helps as well. I feed off their energy and want to work just as hard. Another reason why group classes can be a strong motivator!

For me, I remember that feeling/high you get after crossing the finish line of a challenging race. That moment when you realize all of your hard work has paid off. That pushes me to keep going!

Programming and tracking. I write everything in my iphone or a notebook. Staying accountable is when you really make gains and reach goals. If you can’t see the progress you are making it can demotivate you and sway you off track. Similarly to Dawn, working with people who have my same mindset helps to give me a boost and motivate me to be better than I am. It can be hard to get that extra push while working out alone. Lastly, being honest about my nutrition and programming, don’t skip a day or eat a cheat meal!

Remembering how much better I feel when I am eating right and working out is my first step back. Living a healthy lifestyle really does come from the inside out. When i’m trying to get back on track and remotivated, just like Dawn and Anthony, I need more structure and accountability. I write out a eating and training schedule and am sure to sign up for classes so I have to go to them! Additionally, I really try not to beat myself up too much mentally. A bad meal or a couple of drinks out for a good reason (birthday, vacation, Christmas), is worth it to me. You’ve got one life to live! Rather than skipping meals to compensate I really focus on surrounding myself with the people in my classes, upping my weights and eating very lean, clean, and green. I also like to look at social media (Instagram) to see other inspiring athletes and women around the world getting after their goals. 

What is your favorite way to get back on track or demotivate yourself?

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