We are so excited to announce that on the last day of each month, Bodyscapes Hingham will be honoring a very special member as our Member of the Month, to recognize and congratulate those working towards their health and fitness goals while inspiring and encouraging the rest of our members to do the same.

March Member of the Month: Stephanie Champa!


Stephanie is 26 years old, lives in Cohasset and works at Coldwater Creek right here in Hingham. Stephanie has been going to every single 6am class for the last TWO MONTHS. Between the early morning classes and the terrible dark, cold winter we have all been enduring–this is a feat in itself! Her constant presence was quickly recognized by instructors and front desk staff alike. Today, Stephanie will share with us a little bit about her journey…

How do you stay motivated to wake up and get to class before work, especially in this tough New England weather?
“I haven’t even given myself an option not to go! Every morning when my alarm goes off, I force myself to jump immediately out of bed.”

What is your favorite (and least favorite!) workout or move?
“My favorite workout right now is the bootcamp class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00am. It pushes me more than I would ever push myself alone, and every class is different, so it doesn’t get boring. My LEAST FAVORITE move is the BURPEE!”


What is your guilty pleasure food?
“If I had to pick, I would say pizza. Or chinese food!”

What advice would you give to someone just starting their fitness journey?
“Don’t make excuses, and don’t quit. It takes time to get results”

Anything else you would like to add?
“It always helps to have a gym partner. When I first started at the gym I was going with a friend and there were mornings I really didn’t want to, but I would go so that I didn’t let her down”



Stephanie brings up some fantastic points:

  • Early mornings are always going to be early — there is no secret to waking up: JUST DO IT!
  • Don’t expect a drastic change overnight, but don’t quit! Keep working towards your goals and you will get results
  • Enlist your friends! Group classes and small group training are great ways to get fit while hanging out with your friends, which helps you stay accountable and motivated.


So, you want to be our next member of the month?


You don’t have to be the strongest, the smallest, the biggest or the fastest.
All we ask is that each and every day, you continue to work towards being the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF!


Need help reaching your goals? That is why we are here. Each and every one of our staff members wants to help you succeed. Sign up for a group class, organize a group for SGT, or simply chat with one of our front desk members or personal trainers.

And if you see Stephanie, give her a high five & tell her to keep working hard!

Here’s to a healthy & happy April!

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