HULA HOOPING Small Group Training program is right around the corner. Call today to secure your spot and start your August with something fun and exciting!
The goal of our Hula Hooping SGT is to re-introduce the element of play into physical fitness with new forms of movement that are fresh, expressive, and most of all, fun!

Call or stop by the Front Desk to purchase and reserve your spot in this special, high-intensity, high-energy, good-for-everyone class!
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DEMO on MONDAY 8/11/2014 @ 2:30pm
6-Week Program Beginning Monday 8/18/2014: Hula Hoops will be provided!

Class Information:
1 hour sessions
1 time per week for 6 consecutive weeks
Cost: $180 for the 6 week program
Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Use it or lose it! 
This is an introductory level course on how to effectively use the hula hoop as a form of fitness and dance. All levels are welcome to sign up!


Why try Hooping? Must Read Article!

Hula hooping is a low impact exercise that builds core strength, tones the entire body, provides a great cardiovascular workout, and enhances your balance and coordination. It also increases one’s self confidence, elevates mood, generates joy and laughter, reduces stress, and slows the process of

Alzheimer’s disease. As a Hoopnotica certified instructor, Laura will introduce participants to some fundamental moves and progress into a move fluid dance. Getting tired of your workout routine? Come spin up some fun with a new, creative way to get moving.



Laura attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and completed a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, focusing on the Italian and Spanish languages. While in college, Laura discovered and fell in love with modern day hula hoop dance as a form of fitness and expression. She was the president of the UMass Hoop Collective, a student organization which taught beginner workshops and encouraged everyone to give it a try. After graduation, Laura was passionate about continuing to teach and perform hula hooping. Laura actively performs and teaches workshops in the greater Boston area.

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