We’re all about bringing personalized fitness into your life, enabling you to live the life you want in and outside of the gym. No matter your fitness level, personalized attention from a professional can help you set goals and achieve them. Improve your game, build endurance, or just find the confidence to take on life. Our friendly, experienced staff will design a personalized workout tailored to your goals.

Many of our clients find that they are more comfortable with the gym after gaining experience on the equipment with their one on one Personal Trainer.

Personal training sessions can be purchased individually or as packages of six, twelve, or twenty ­two and there are no membership fees. Sessions are 1⁄2 hour or one hour, by appointment only. You can schedule regular appointments months in advance to reserve your slot, or sign up week-­to-­week – we do whatever works for you.

Contact us for more information about the program or to find out how to join.