1. Brookline’s Weekly Class Schedule

  2. Longwood Medical’s Weekly Class Schedule

  3. Cambridge’s Weekly Class Schedule

Class Policies

  • The use of cell phones and/ or camera devices is strictly prohibited.
  • No street shoes are allowed in the studio.
  • Please put all bags, coats, and extra shoes in the locker rooms.
  • Water and towels are recommended.
  • Let your instructor know if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant.
  • For safety reasons, there is no admittance after the door is shut.
  • Please do not enter a studio while class is in session.
  • Please wipe down and put away equipment when done.
  • Please be quiet and respectful outside of the studio.

Class Reservations

  • Reservations are recommended for all classes. You may reserve a spot after 5:30am the Friday prior to Monday of the preceding week. You may reserve for yourself only.
  • You may cancel reservations any time before class. Reservations will be forfeited 5 minutes prior to class.
  • If a class is full, members may put their name on the wait list and will be given priority for any unclaimed reservations 5 minutes before class.
  • Members present at the club just prior to class start time may add their names to the standby list for open reservations. This list is first-come, first-served.