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09Apr 2015

Ignore the weather outside, supposedly, Summer really IS on its way!

To celebrate this long awaited miracle, we are offering a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking to get a kickstart on revealing those beach bodies:


For Nonmembers: FREE trial membership, including all classes, from April 10th through April 30th!

For Members: 2 FREE hours of personal training for any nonmember you refer who ultimatley joins before May 1st

Please feel free to call us at 781-749-0600 with any questions or concerns.

09Sep 2014

September is National Yoga Month 

National Yoga Month is designed to educate Americans about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle.

“Over 35 million US adults use mind/body medicine for better health,” says Dr. Herbert Benson, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine.

Here are a few of the health benefits of yoga:

Reduces obesity: 
Obesity rates in the United States have reached epidemic proportions. Yoga keeps people more in tune with their bodies and more aware of bad habits, such as overeating.

Reduces hypertension : Hypertension, or high blood pressure, remains the most common reason for office visits to physicians for non-pregnant adults in the United States. Research has just begun but one study, small but significant reductions in blood pressure were shown in just three weeks of daily yoga.

Reduces heart disease: 
According to the American Heart Association, heart disease has topped the list of killer diseases in America every year since 1918. Several clinical trials have found that yoga can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and resting heart rates, and help slow the progression of atherosclerosis—all risk factors for heart disease.

Reduces discomfort of breast cancer treatment: 
Breast cancer incidence in women has increased from 1 in 20 in 1960 to 1 in 8 today. Research has shown that women who do yoga during and after treatment experience less physical discomfort and stress and feel more energetic and relaxed.

Reduces symptoms of menopause
: Hot flashes, mood swings, trouble sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, sore joints, muscles and tendons and a host of other conditions are symptoms of menopause. A preliminary study at the University of California, San Francisco, found that menopausal women who took two months of a weekly restorative yoga class reported a 30 percent decrease in hot flashes.

Reduces chronic back pain: 
Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints to physicians today. When doctors at the HMO Group Health Cooperative in Seattle pitted 12 weekly sessions of yoga against therapeutic exercises and a handbook on self-care, they discovered the yoga group not only showed greater improvement but experienced benefits lasting 14 weeks longer.

Reduces symptoms of arthritis: 
An estimated 46 million adults in the United States reported being told by a doctor that they have some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. At the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, a yoga-treated group with osteoarthritis of the hands improved significantly more than the control group in “pain during activity, tenderness, and finger range of motion.”

Source:  HYPERLINK “”

15Aug 2014

BodyScapes Fitness – Kendall Square – NOW OPEN

BodyScapes Fitness is excited to announce the opening of out 5th location in Kendall Square.
Located on the 2nd floor of the Watermark Kendall West. This 15,000 square foot BodyScapes Fitness facility features two spacious fitness studios, dedicated personal training space, an open floor plan for cardio and weight training, and a beautiful outdoor roof top terrace overlooking Boston.

  • 7 Cybex treadmills
  • 1 Stair Climbers
  • 9 Cybex arc trainers
  • 3 Cybex upright bikes
  • 2 rowing machines
  • Flat screen TVs throughout the facility
  • Strength circuit area with Cybex selectorized machines
  • Fully equipped free-weight room

Just a five minute walk from the Kendall Square train station, BodyScapes Fitness is nestled in midst of all the action. Coming before or after work? No problem with our fully stocked locker rooms with all the amenities including free day lockers and towel service that make fitting in a workout into any part of your day a breeze. Want a more personalized one-on-one training experience? We offer Personal Training at this location, too!

BodyScapes Fitness offers a variety of  Group Exercise Classes to help improve strength and flexibility, increase your cardio, or just have some fun with some friends in one of our group exercise classes! Class schedule will be coming soon to the BodyScapes Fitness website.

With our top notch personal training program we are dedicated to bringing personalized fitness into your life, enabling you to live the life you want in and outside of the gym. No matter your fitness level, personalized attention from a professional can help you set goals and achieve them. Improve your game, build endurance, or just find the confidence to take on life. Our friendly, experienced staff will design a personalized workout tailored to your goals.

Personal training sessions can be purchased individually or as packages of six, twelve, or twenty-two and there are no membership fees. Sessions are ½ hour or one hour, by appointment only. You can schedule regular appointments months in advance to reserve your slot, or sign up week-to-week – we do whatever works for you.

BodyScapes Fitness Kendall Square
356 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142

28Apr 2014

Memorial Day is around the corner. Find yourself traveling for the holiday and constantly thrown off schedule and away from BodyScapes, unable to get a workout in? Not to worry. We have all the tools you need to keep you working out, even when you have to spend time away! So many simple workouts can be done using the best piece of gym equipment we all own: our own body! Try this simple workout you can do anywhere while you’re traveling this holiday!

  • The BodyScapes Burner
  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 15 second wall sit
  • 10 lunges (each leg)
  • 25 abdominal crunches
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 squats
  • 25 tricep dips on a chair or wall
  • 30 seconds of high knees running in place
  • 30 second plank
  • Repeat x2!