On Saturday June 13th, at 5pm, we are hosting our first SMASH ALS event here at Bodyscapes.

We will take over the entire gym for a fantastic bootcamp led by Anthony!

There will also be a raffle with an opportunity to win some amazing prizes, like 3 free personal training sessions, an hour massage from Elements, kayaking or SUP rentals from EMS, and wine from Ralphs…to name just a few!

We may or may not have a few other tricks up our sleeve! 😉

You can signup for the event ($25/person) here. Simply:

  1. Find the date June 13th, and click “sign up” next to the SMASH ALS event title. The server will prompt you through the rest! 🙂


Too technical for you? No worries, swing by the gym and sign up at any time, or pay on the day of the event. The more the merrier, so bring friends and families as we fight together to #smashALS!

All of the money raised from this event is going directly to the ALS Association, Massachusetts chapter in honor and memory of Randy Pipkin.


Meet Randy! A man who never gave up and who’s strength we will embody to #smashALS!

Mark, Randy’s husband, has been a member of Bodyscapes for some time. Today, he shares his story:


“My husband and partner Randy Pipkin died of ALS in late March, 2014. Randy fought ALS for nine years. He was 41 when he died. During the last few years of Randy’s life, he become an ALS advocate, helping to raise money and awareness to fight this horrific disease. He never, ever gave up.

mark and randy

Mark and Randy together in their home.

For me, it’s over a year now since Randy has been gone. I miss him more than words can say and I continue to set a path forward for myself. It has been a big adjustment to focus on myself again, having spent so many years as Randy’s caregiver. Just like he did for me, I always put Randy first.

A big part of my attempt at a positive path forward has been working to get my physical self back into shape. During my years of care-giving, I didn’t have time to exercise and I didn’t always eat properly. One of the first things I did last year was to join Bodyscapes Fitness Hingham. I signed on with a great trainer, Jon Badot, and he helped me get back into shape. I lost some weight and toned my body but, more importantly, I started to feel better about myself. It was a rejuvenation of both my inner and outer being.

This year, I signed with a new trainer Anthony Pickering after Jon moved to the West Coast. Now training with Anthony, I continue to push my limits and gain more strength and confidence.

Beyond the actual training at Bodyscapes, I feel I have found a group of friends. I know they care about me and I am overwhelmed that they are holding the “Smash ALS” Benefit Bootcamp in Randy’s honor. It’s Saturday June 13, at 5 p.m. and it will benefit the ALS Association MA Chapter. It will be fun, challenging and an opportunity to do something good for both yourself and others facing the monster disease that is ALS. Please sign up!


We are  inspired by Mark’s strength, grace, & positivity, and look forward to honoring not just Randy, his battle against the disease, and his life… but Mark as well for his continued efforts at bettering this world, and fighting back against ALS.


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