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  It’s easy to get a little hard on yourself after a particularly indulgent weekend, especially a long Holiday weekend! While we want you to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of the season, its important to do so with moderation and continue putting your health first! Today we are talking a little bit about motivation […]

Labor Day is over, kids are going back to school, sports will start up soon and people are eager (or not so eager) to get back into their routines! Its not uncommon after the last few weeks of Summer for people to feel a bit lethargic and out of sorts leading into the Fall season. […]

Its no secret that proper nutrition is essential to see results and progress in the gym. If you workout every day but don’t fuel and replenish your body properly, you may end up getting discouraged! Sometimes extreme weather makes the task of eating well even more difficult then it is on any other normal day. […]

On Saturday June 13th, at 5pm, we are hosting our first SMASH ALS event here at Bodyscapes. We will take over the entire gym for a fantastic bootcamp led by Anthony! There will also be a raffle with an opportunity to win some amazing prizes, like 3 free personal training sessions, an hour massage from […]

Isabel Ortigoza, better known as Izzy to friends and family, has been with the Bodyscapes Hingham family in a variety of roles: from babysitting, to training, and most recently assisting with some exciting new developments (stay tuned!) Izzy has learned to somehow seamlessly blend her life as a student at UMass Boston with that of […]

Today we’re going inside a few of our trainers & instructors kitchens to see what keeps them fueled through teaching, recover from workouts, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle! Maybe try to add one or two of these to your repertoire this week!  Kristen: “Sweet potato (microwaved for 4 minutes and eaten directly out of the […]

Ignore the weather outside, supposedly, Summer really IS on its way! To celebrate this long awaited miracle, we are offering a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking to get a kickstart on revealing those beach bodies: For Nonmembers: FREE trial membership, including all classes, from April 10th through April 30th! For Members: 2 FREE hours of personal training […]

Some may or may not know that Bodyscapes Fitness Hingham’s slogan is: DO IT FOR YOU! Today, we’ve talked to members of the Bodyscapes team to see what our motto means to them. Danielle, Personal trainer & athletic trainer “DO IT FOR YOU means put aside all of the family, friends, and work that constantly needs […]

We are so excited to announce that on the last day of each month, Bodyscapes Hingham will be honoring a very special member as our Member of the Month, to recognize and congratulate those working towards their health and fitness goals while inspiring and encouraging the rest of our members to do the same. March […]

In the past few years CrossFit, Tough Mudders and Warrior Dashes have inspired people to become more active. Now you can have a front row seat to watch as people who have dedicated themselves to fitness compete. The National Pro Grid League is a league made up of eight charter member teams one of which […]