08Aug 2014

Green foods are an extremely important part of a healthy diet. There are numerous options to choose from, and they can easily be added into any mean, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some  green foods that you can start cooking with include spinach, collard greens, kale, cabbage, broccoli and asparagus to name  a few. Using a wide variety of these foods is the best way to ensure that you’re consuming enough of them, so that you can take advantage of the following benefits:


Most green foods, such as spinach and broccoli, are considered super foods because they contain a high amount of antioxidants in them. Plenty of vitamin A, C and E can be found in most green foods, in addition to other important nutrients such as iron and zinc. Antioxidants play a significant role in protecting your body from viruses and they are an important to your health. The suggested amount of green vegetables to consume each day is three servings.

Low in Calories

Green foods, especially dark leafy ones, contain a large amount of water which in turn leaves them extremely depleted of calories. This means that you can eat as many of them as you possibly can, and you don’t have to worry about gaining any weight. In fact, adding these foods to your favorite dishes can bulk up the meal while keeping the calories under control, so you can eat more of your favorite foods without a jump in calorie intake.

Just about Carb Free

Although there are a small amount of carbohydrates available in green foods, the carbs that are found in the food are important for your health. These particular carbs are complex, so they are packed with much needed fiber which helps to keep you full longer throughout the day. Fiber also helps to grab pollutants and other unnecessary things within the body and dispose of them before they are absorbed. The fiber also plays a vital role in regular bowel movements.

08Aug 2014
Outdoor Sports Training SGT program DATE CHANGE
Looking to get more Athletic? Tired of jogging what seems like, forever on the treadmill? Join the Sports Training SGT.
Call or stop by the Front Desk to purchase and reserve your spot in this special, high-intensity, high-energy, good-for-everyone class!
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Class Information:
55 minute sessions
2 times per week for 6 consecutive weeks
Cost: $360 for the 6 week program
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 6:00:6:55am
Use it or lose it! 

This program is open to all members, regardless of fitness level and experience – let our trainers help you meet your personal fitness goals!

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Outdoor Sports Training SGT Facts:

Join the Outdoor Sports Training SGT. Remember how in shape you felt after you finished your sports season in high school or college? That’s what you’ll experience with the Outdoor Sports Training SGT. We’ll take you out of the gym and get the fresh air pumping through the lungs. No athletic experience is necessary, only the desire to feel more fit and athletic.

Both Jarrod and Aymbre have experience training

Division-1 athletes in the Northeast area. Through these experiences they know what it takes to get increase athleticism. We welcome and encourage everyone to join!

11Aug 2014

Tips For Staying Fit On Vacation

Now that summer is coming to end people are using their last days of vacation to either go somewhere tropical or maybe just for a short beach weekend. Either way check out some tips to help you stay on track with your healthy eating and exercise routine.

1. Use the Stairs

Whether you are in a hotel, maybe doing some touristy adventures. Make sure to avoid that elevator and use the stairs.  What a great calorie-burner!

2. Walk! Avoid taxis or other transportation

If you are in the city maybe NYC or even London. Take the healthy approach and walk to every destination. There is no better way to get familiar with a city then by walking. Even if you are shopping this could be a 5 mile day! Just make sure to bring good walking shoes!

3. Play with the Kids

You may want to lay by the pool or beach and get a little R&R but make sure you incorporate some calorie-burning fun with the kids, too. Try paddle boarding. Go bikeriding. Through around a football on the beach. Entertain the little ones while getting in some fun filled exercise.

4. Move around everyday

If your mornings require a lot of standing around – you may be touring historic buildings or  just laying on the beach. Try to think of different ways to move around in the afternoon. Walk to lunch, walk to a park… maybe hike a mountain and have a picnic. There are plenty of way to have fun while incorporating some fitness.

5.  Airline Terminals can be Walkers DREAM

Instead of sitting  plug into your favorite music and march up and down the terminal. Most airports have some shops to poke around in. Make this a fun walking adventure with some pit stops to get you friends and family some souvenirs.

6. Book for Fitness

When booking hotels, choose only those with fitness centers and/or guest passes to nearby gyms. If you can roll out of bed and roll into a gym minutes later, you can get the workout out of the way pretty quickly. This is convenient and will make you start your day with some energy!

7.  Explore the Possibilities!

Whether this involves hiking, bike riding, scuba or snorkeling. Make sure to know and explore to possibilities that your vacation can offer. Usually the concierge can help with this!

8. Find Restaurants That Are Within Walking Distance From Your Hotel

Don’t take the taxi – walk to the best restaurants in town. May take a little research and help from google but this will be well worth it. Take advantage of the gorgeous night time weather and walk to your dinner reservation.

9. Try for Fitness-Maintenance

While vacationing, you may not have as much time as you do at home for your regular workout, but that’s okay. You are not trying to loose weight on vacation you are just trying to maintain!

10. Reward yourself the right way

Each day as you wake, anticipating the wonderful things you’ll be doing, the sights you’ll be seeing, remind yourself how great it feels to be able to walk, to move. If you do want to splurge, it may be a delicious desert, amazing pasta dinner or even a few pina coladas. Whatever it is doing it small doses and enjoy them!

11Aug 2014
HULA HOOPING Small Group Training program is right around the corner. Call today to secure your spot and start your August with something fun and exciting!
The goal of our Hula Hooping SGT is to re-introduce the element of play into physical fitness with new forms of movement that are fresh, expressive, and most of all, fun!

Call or stop by the Front Desk to purchase and reserve your spot in this special, high-intensity, high-energy, good-for-everyone class!
Do It For You  –  Call Today and Book Your Spot 617-232-1010    or     Email
DEMO on MONDAY 8/11/2014 @ 2:30pm
6-Week Program Beginning Monday 8/18/2014: Hula Hoops will be provided!

Class Information:
1 hour sessions
1 time per week for 6 consecutive weeks
Cost: $180 for the 6 week program
Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Use it or lose it! 
This is an introductory level course on how to effectively use the hula hoop as a form of fitness and dance. All levels are welcome to sign up!


Why try Hooping? Must Read Article!

Hula hooping is a low impact exercise that builds core strength, tones the entire body, provides a great cardiovascular workout, and enhances your balance and coordination. It also increases one’s self confidence, elevates mood, generates joy and laughter, reduces stress, and slows the process of

Alzheimer’s disease. As a Hoopnotica certified instructor, Laura will introduce participants to some fundamental moves and progress into a move fluid dance. Getting tired of your workout routine? Come spin up some fun with a new, creative way to get moving.



Laura attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and completed a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, focusing on the Italian and Spanish languages. While in college, Laura discovered and fell in love with modern day hula hoop dance as a form of fitness and expression. She was the president of the UMass Hoop Collective, a student organization which taught beginner workshops and encouraged everyone to give it a try. After graduation, Laura was passionate about continuing to teach and perform hula hooping. Laura actively performs and teaches workshops in the greater Boston area.

15Aug 2014

BodyScapes Fitness – Kendall Square – NOW OPEN

BodyScapes Fitness is excited to announce the opening of out 5th location in Kendall Square.
Located on the 2nd floor of the Watermark Kendall West. This 15,000 square foot BodyScapes Fitness facility features two spacious fitness studios, dedicated personal training space, an open floor plan for cardio and weight training, and a beautiful outdoor roof top terrace overlooking Boston.

  • 7 Cybex treadmills
  • 1 Stair Climbers
  • 9 Cybex arc trainers
  • 3 Cybex upright bikes
  • 2 rowing machines
  • Flat screen TVs throughout the facility
  • Strength circuit area with Cybex selectorized machines
  • Fully equipped free-weight room

Just a five minute walk from the Kendall Square train station, BodyScapes Fitness is nestled in midst of all the action. Coming before or after work? No problem with our fully stocked locker rooms with all the amenities including free day lockers and towel service that make fitting in a workout into any part of your day a breeze. Want a more personalized one-on-one training experience? We offer Personal Training at this location, too!

BodyScapes Fitness offers a variety of  Group Exercise Classes to help improve strength and flexibility, increase your cardio, or just have some fun with some friends in one of our group exercise classes! Class schedule will be coming soon to the BodyScapes Fitness website.

With our top notch personal training program we are dedicated to bringing personalized fitness into your life, enabling you to live the life you want in and outside of the gym. No matter your fitness level, personalized attention from a professional can help you set goals and achieve them. Improve your game, build endurance, or just find the confidence to take on life. Our friendly, experienced staff will design a personalized workout tailored to your goals.

Personal training sessions can be purchased individually or as packages of six, twelve, or twenty-two and there are no membership fees. Sessions are ½ hour or one hour, by appointment only. You can schedule regular appointments months in advance to reserve your slot, or sign up week-to-week – we do whatever works for you.

BodyScapes Fitness Kendall Square
356 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142

26Aug 2014

In order to gain the most from a work out it is essential to try to maintain your target heart rate. The target heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute you should achieve while exercising. Each person’s target heart rate helps to determine their fitness level and by keeping their target heart rate in check a person is able to avoid under or over training, both of which severely effects the quality of the work out. Under-training happens when a person’s heart rate is too low which results in a low intensity work out. If a person is not working to their body’s potential, there is no way they can burn enough calories to result in weight loss nor can they get up the endurance to build strength. Individuals who under-train will take significantly longer to see the results they desire.

Over-training can be just as dangerous. People who exceed their target heart rate are pushing themselves past their body’s fitness level, which can lead to dehydration putting you at risk for dizziness and possible fainting. If a person consistently over-trains they are at risk for infection or chronic pain.

The best way to avoid either of these scenarios is to continuously monitor your heart rate throughout a work out. Start each work out with some form of cardio and work your way up to your target heart rate. The treadmill, elliptical and the bike are all great examples of how to do this and they often have a sensor that will determine your heart rate for you making it that much easier to track. Constant motion during a workout will keep your heart rate at the optimal level. One small adjustment to your workout that will help keep you moving and your heart rate up is to do a 3 set rotation of a few different exercises doing only one rep at a time. This way you break up reps by walking from one exercise to the next which keeps you active rather than pausing in place and allowing your heart rate to drop. No matter what method you use, make sure to monitor your heart rate to gain the most out of your work out!